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Peaberry: 1 — A Coffee News Roundup

Mobile Eco-Cafes, Cold Brew Bottles, Pour-Over Brewers, Roasting Innovations, and Charity Auctions

Welcome to Issue 1 of Peaberry, we really appreciate you sharing your attention with us and are thrilled to have you as part of the community.

We will be exploring interesting things within the coffee space from cold brews to sustainability efforts, new gear to emerging beans, we’ll cover it all; whether you're a café owner, barista, roaster, farmer, or simply a connoisseur who lives for that daily cup, our weekly newsletter is right for you.

Please feel free to reach out with feedback and suggestions, and if you find this interesting or helpful please share with your colleagues and friends.

Cooler Retail

Seeking to minimize plastic waste and carbon emissions, a mother-daughter team has launched Wavi Coffee, a new mobile coffee shop in Southwest England focused on sustainable service and locally sourced ingredients.

Conversion of a Land Rover Defender into a wandering cafe allowed Alison and Amy Vann to actualize their decade-long vision of an eco-friendly coffee venture, serving organic drinks and allergen-free baked goods in compostable containers across Devon and Cornwall. With Amy handling the barista training and Alison overseeing branding and partnerships with small vendors, Wavi aims to champion environmentalism and community, hosting beach cleanups alongside popup latte sales and planning to expand their house-made syrup line.

Though maneuvering the rugged coastline has proved logistically complex, the Vanns' sunny, beach-inspired aesthetic and emphasis on locality have quickly won over crowds at regional festivals seeking sustainably sourced caffeination.


Ready to Drink

Seeking to tap growing demand for ready-to-drink cold brew, the Swiss dairy company Emmi has partnered with Equator Coffees, the acclaimed California roaster, to produce a new line of bottled coffees intended to provide on-the-go refreshment with boutique flavor.

Blending milky sweetness with Equator's cool brews sourced from exceptional Indonesian, Colombian and Ethiopian beans, the line will include flavors like Pure Black, Velvet Mocha and Hint of Vanilla retailing for $3.99-4.99 per 8.5 oz bottle.

Though financial details were undisclosed, the alliance between global dairy purveyor and sustainability-focused roaster aims to replicate Equator’s lauded café quality in chilled, portable bottles suited to today's cold coffee cravings.


Japanese coffee equipment company Hario has launched a new flat-bottom pour-over brewer called the Pegasus, which incorporates design elements from their popular V60 cone brewer including spiraling interior ridges to optimize flow rate.

The Pegasus has a trapezoidal shape similar to a Melitta brewer with two small drainage holes and aims to balance the versatility of the V60 with the consistency of flat-bottom drippers to appeal to beginners.

Available now in Japan and rolling out internationally soon, the new Pegasus comes in 3 sizes with recommended fill lines and a new line of paper filters specifically designed for it. Hario states the Pegasus is meant to introduce people to pour-over coffee and transition them to the V60 as their skills improve.


Seeking to bridge the gap between small-batch sample roasting and large-scale coffee production, British upstart IKAWA and Swiss industrial titan Bühler have forged an unlikely partnership to explore innovative approaches to mid-size commercial roasting.

Combining Bühler's over 50 years of coffee engineering expertise and global footprint with IKAWA's precise, app-controlled micro-roasters favored by specialty roasters, the strategic alliance aims to address unmet needs in the underserved medium roasting market through collaborative design and testing.

While financial details were undisclosed, the pairing of user-focused start-up and industrial equipment giant seems poised to spur fresh perspectives, harnessing IKAWA's specialty coffee insights and Bühler's production know-how to better serve mid-sized roasting operations.

Giving Back

Closing this issue out, we would like to share Grind for Good, a charity auction set up by Anita + Caro Gehrig from Flims Switzerland in collaboration with Specialized SoilSearching and La Marzocco. The fundraiser has all proceeds going to Outride & Hands for Songwa; two noble causes. Burying the lede a bit, the items on auction are a custom bicycle from Specialized and one of a kind Linea Mini from La Marzocco